Hole-punching dokumentation

Detailed information on round, square and Elongated according to DIN


Here you can find the right hole shapes for your needs, including PDF documentation. The table columns have a sorting function.

Round hole

PerforationWidthSplit1Ao (in %)No.DescriptonPDF-File
R v0.61.2520.91Rv 0,6-1,25 w=0,6mm t=1,25mm u=1,1mm open Area 20,9% n= 736000/m²1 Rv 06 125.pdf
R v0.81.525.83Rv 0,8-1,5 w=0,8mm t=1,5mm u=1,3mm open Area 25,8% n= 511110/m²3 Rv 0,8-1,5.pdf
R g0.82.67.4505
R v0.91.532.74Rv 0,9-1,5 w=0,9mm t=1,5mm u=1,3mm open Area 32,7% n= 511110/m²4 Rv 0,9-1,5.pdf
R v0,92.116.79Rv 0,9-2,1 w=0,9mm t=2,1mm u=1,8375mm open Area 16,7% n= 260770/m²9 Rv 0,9-2,1.pdf
R g0.92.69.4506
R g0.95.62512
R v1.1227.422Rv 1,1-2 w=1,1mm t=2mm u=1,75mm open Area 27,4% n= 287500/m²22 Rv 1,1-2.cdr.pdf
R v1.12.517.635Rv 1,1-2,5 w=1,1mm t=2,5mm u=2,2mm open Area 17,6% n= 184000/m²35 Rv 1,1-2,5.pdf
R v1.1312.237Rv 1,1-3 w=1,1mm t=3mm u=2,625mm open Area 12,2% n= 127780/m²37 Rv 1,1-3.pdf
R v1.13.210.738Rv 1,1-3,2 w=1,1mm t=3,2mm u=2,8mm open Area 10,7% n= 112300/m²38 Rv 1,1-3,2.pdf
R g1.13.57.8523
R g1.14.44.9535Rg 1,1-4,4 w=1,1mm t=4,4mm open Area 4,9% n= 51650/m²535 Rg 1,1-4,4.pdf
R v1.42.528.445Rv 1,4-2,5 w=1,4mm t=2,5mm u=2,2mm open Area 28,4% n= 184000/m²45 Rv 1,4-2,5.pdf
R g1.44.47.9545Rg 1,4-4,4 w=1,4mm t=4,4mm open Area 7,9% n= 51650/m²545 Rg 1,4-4.pdf
R v1.525146Rv 1,5-2 w=1,5mm t=2mm u=1,75mm open Area 51% n= 287500/m²46 Rv 1,5-2.pdf
R g1.53.514.4546
R v1.62.537.249Rv 1,6-2,5 w=1,6mm t=2,5mm u=2,2mm open Area 37,2% n= 184000/m²49 Rv 1,6-2,5.pdf
R v1.6325.856Rv 1,6-3 w=1,6mm t=3mm u=2,625mm open Area 25,8% n= 127780/m²56 Rv 1,6-3.pdf
R g1.64.410.4549Rg 1,6-4,4 w=1,6mm t=4,4mm open Area 10,4% n= 51650/m²549 Rg 1,6-4,4.pdf
R v1.64.412896Rv 1,6-4,4 w=1,6mm t=4,4mm u=0mm open Area 12% n= 59400/m²896 Rv 16-44.pdf
R v1.82.54763Rv 1,8-2,5 w=1,8mm t=2,5mm u=2,2mm open Area 47% n= 184000/m²63 Rv 1,8-2,5.pdf
R g1.84.413.1563Rg 1,8-4,4 w=1,8mm t=4,4mm open Area 13,1% n= 51650/m²563 Rg 1,8-4,4.pdf
R v1.84.415.2909Rv 1,8-4,4 w=1,8mm t=4,4mm u=0mm open Area 15,2% n= 59400/m²909 Rv 1,8-4,4.pdf
R v2.1344.478Rv 2,1-3 w=2,1mm t=3mm u=2,625mm open Area 44,4% n= 127780/m²78 Rv 2,1-3.pdf
R v2.13.532.782Rv 2,1-3,5 w=2,1mm t=3,5mm u=3,05mm open Area 32,7% n= 93880/m²79 Rv 21-35.pdf
R v2.13.57979 Rv 21-35.pdf
R v2.142597Rv 2,1-4 w=2,1mm t=4mm u=3,5mm open Area 25% n= 71880/m²97 Rv 2,1-4.pdf
R v2.14.519.8106Rv 2,1-4,5 w=2,1mm t=4,5mm u=3,9mm open Area 19,8% n= 56790/m²106 Rv 2,1-4,5.pdf
R g2.15.2512.6578
R v215.513.2112Rv 2,1-5,5 w=2,1mm t=5,5mm u=4,8mm open Area 13,2% n= 38020/m²112 Rv 2,1-5,5.pdf
R g2.16.19.3582
R v2.16.110.7922Rv 2,1-6,1 w=2,1mm t=6,1mm u=5,25mm open Area 10,7% n= 30910/m²922 Rv 2,1-6,1.pdf
R g2.177.1599
R v2.178.2935Rv 2,1-7 w=2,1mm t=7mm u=6mm open Area 8,2% n= 23470/m²935 Rv 2,1-7.pdf
R g2.17.85.7606Rg 2,1-7,8 w=2,1mm t=7,8mm open Area 5,7% n= 16440/m²606 Rg 2,1-7,8.pdf
R v2.17.86.6944Rv 2,1-7,8 w=2,1mm t=7,8mm u=0mm open Area 6,6% n= 18900/m²944 Rv 2,1-7,8.pdf
R g2.19.63.8612
R v2.19.64.3949Rv 2,1-9,6 w=2,1mm t=9,6mm u=8,25mm open Area 4,3% n= 12480/m²949 Rv 2,1-9,6.pdf
R v2.53.546.3116Rv 2,5-3,5 w=2,5mm t=3,5mm u=3,05mm open Area 46,3% n= 93880/m²116 Rv 2,5-3,5.pdf
R v2.5435.4121Rv 2,5-4 w=2,5mm t=4mm u=3,5mm open Area 35,4% n= 71880/m²121 Rv 2,5-4.pdf
R d2.5430.7125
R g2.5430.7495
R v2.54.528131Rv 2,5-4,5 w=2,5mm t=4,5mm u=3,9mm open Area 28% n= 56790/m²131 Rv 2,5-4,5.pdf
R v2.5522.7137Rv 2,5-5 w=2,5mm t=5mm u=4,375mm open Area 22,7% n= 46000/m²137 Rv 2,5-5.pdf
R v2.552520.6147Rv 2,5-5,25 w=2,5mm t=5,25mm u=0mm open Area 20,6% n= 41720/m²147 Rv 2,5-5,25.pdf
R g2.55516.2138Rg 2,5-5,5 w=2,5mm t=5,5mm open Area 16,2% n= 33060/m²138 Rg 2,5-5,5.pdf
R d2.55.6615.3140
R g2.56.113.2616
R v2.56.1152953Rv 2,5-6,1 w=2,5mm t=6,1mm u=5,25mm open Area 15,2% n= 30910/m²953 Rv 2,5-6,1.pdf
R v2.5711.6958Rv 2,5-7 w=2,5mm t=7mm u=6mm open Area 11,6% n= 23470/m²958 Rv 2,5-7.pdf
R g2.57.881631Rg 2,5-7,8 w=2,5mm t=7,8mm open Area 8,1% n= 16440/m²631 Rg 2,5-7,8.pdf
R v2.5789.3965Rv 2,5-7,8 w=2,5mm t=7,8mm u=0mm open Area 9,3% n= 18900/m²965 Rv 2,5-7,8.pdf
R v2.588.9139Rv 2,5-8 w=2,5mm t=8mm u=7mm open Area 8,9% n= 17970/m²139 Rv 2,5-8.pdf
R g2.587.7866
R g2.58.756.4637Rg 2,5-8,75 w=2,5mm t=8,75mm open Area 6,4% n= 13060/m²637 Rg 2,5-8,75.pdf
R v2.58.757.4969Rv 2,5-8,75 w=2,5mm t=8,75mm u=7,5mm open Area 7,4% n= 15020/m²969 Rv 2,5-8,75.pdf
R v3.1454.5153Rv 3,1-4 w=3,1mm t=4mm u=3,5mm open Area 54,5% n= 71880/m²153 Rv 3,1-4.pdf
R v3.14.543154Rv 3,1-4,5 w=3,1mm t=4,5mm u=3,9mm open Area 43% n= 56790/m²154 Rv 3,1-4,5.pdf
R v3.1534.9158Rv 3,1-5 w=3,1mm t=5mm u=4,375mm open Area 34,9% n= 46000/m²158 Rv 3,1-5.pdf
R g3.15.7522.8172Rg 3,1-5,75 w=3,1mm t=5,75mm open Area 22,8% n= 30250/m²172 Rg 3,1-5,75.pdf
R v3.1624.2174Rv 3,1-6 w=3,1mm t=6mm u=5,25mm open Area 24,2% n= 31940/m²174 Rv 3,1-6.pdf
R g3.16.2519.3496
R v3.16.4720.8151Rv 3,1-6,47 w=3,1mm t=6,47mm u=0mm open Area 20,8% n= 27470/m²151 Rv 3,1-6,47.pdf
R v3.1717.8148Rv 3,1-7 w=3,1mm t=7mm u=6,1mm open Area 17,8% n= 23470/m²148 Rv 3,1-7.pdf
R g3.1715.4652
R v3.17.515.5189Rv 3,1-7,5 w=3,1mm t=7,5mm u=6,5mm open Area 15,5% n= 20440/m²189 Rv 3,1-7,5.pdf
R g3.17.812.4653Rg 3,1-7,8 w=3,1mm t=7,8mm open Area 12,4% n= 16440/m²653 Rg 3,1-7,8.pdf
R v3.17.814.3979Rv 3,1-7,8 w=3,1mm t=7,8mm u=0mm open Area 14,3% n= 18900/m²979 Rv 3,1-7,8.pdf
R d3.18.1311.43325
R g3.18.759.9657Rg 3,1-8,75 w=3,1mm t=8,75mm open Area 9,9% n= 13060/m²657 Rg 3,1-8,75.pdf
R d3.18.849.7200
R g3.1107.5194Rg 3,1-10 w=3,1mm t=10mm open Area 7,5% n= 10000/m²194 Rg 3,1-10.pdf
R v3.1108.7198Rv 3,1-10 w=3,1mm t=10mm u=8,75mm open Area 8,7% n= 11500/m²198 Rv 3,1-10.pdf
R g3.110.56.8673Rg 3,1-10,5 w=3,1mm t=10,5mm open Area 6,8% n= 9070/m²673 Rg 3,1-10,5.pdf
R g3.111.55.7671
R v3.112.25.9974Rv 3,1-12,2 w=3,1mm t=12,2mm u=10,5mm open Area 5,9% n= 7730/m²974 Rv 3,1-12,2.pdf
R d3.25.0231.9482
R v3.25538.3191Rv 3,25-5 w=3,25mm t=5mm u=4,375mm open Area 38,3% n= 46000/m²191 Rv 3,25-5.pdf
R g3.2587.510.8689Rg 3,25-8,75 w=3,25mm t=8,75mm open Area 10,8% n= 13060/m²689 Rg 3,25-8,75.pdf
R v3.258.7512.51002Rv 3,25-8,75 w=3,25mm t=8,75mm u=7,5mm open Area 12,5% n= 15020/m²1002 Rv 3,25-8,75.pdf
R v3.54.554.9205Rv 3,5-4,5 w=3,5mm t=4,5mm u=3,9mm open Area 54,9% n= 56790/m²205 Rv 3,5-4,5.pdf
R v3.5544.4214Rv 3,5-5 w=3,5mm t=5mm u=4,375mm open Area 44,4% n= 46000/m²214 Rv 3,5-5.pdf
R g3.57.815.8700Rg 3,5-7,8 w=3,5mm t=7,8mm open Area 15,8% n= 16440/m²700 Rg 3,5-7,8.pdf
R v3.57.818.31003Rv 3,5-7,8 w=3,5mm t=7,8mm u=0mm open Area 18,3% n= 18900/m²1003 Rv 3,5-7,8.pdf
R g3.58.7512.6705Rg 3,5-8,75 w=3,5mm t=8,75mm open Area 12,6% n= 13060/m²705 Rg 3,5-8,75.pdf
R v3.58.7514.51005Rv 3,5-8,75 w=3,5mm t=8,75mm u=7,5mm open Area 14,5% n= 15020/m²1005 Rv 3,5-8,75.pdf
R g3.5109.6701Rg 3,5-10 w=3,5mm t=10mm open Area 9,6% n= 10000/m²701 Rg 3,5-10.pdf
R g3.5154.3216Rg 3,5-15 w=3,5mm t=15mm open Area 4,3% n= 4440/m²216 Rg 3,5-15.pdf
R v3.84.564.73358Rv 3,8-4,5 w=3,5mm t=4,5mm u=3,9mm open Area 64,7% n= 56790/m²
R v4.1561222Rv 4,1-5 w=4,1mm t=5mm u=4,375mm open Area 61% n= 46000/m²222 Rv 4,1-5.pdf
R v4.15.5649.3221Rv 4,1-5,56 w=4,1mm t=5,56mm u=0mm open Area 49,3% n= 37200/m²221 Rv 4,1-5,56.pdf
R v4.1642.4225Rv 4,1-6 w=4,1mm t=6mm u=5,25mm open Area 42,4% n= 31940/m²225 Rv 4,1-6.pdf
R g4.16.2533.8498
R v4.1731.1234Rv 4,1-7 w=4,1mm t=7mm u=6,1mm open Area 31,1% n= 23470/m²234 Rv 4,1-7.pdf
R v4.1823.8244Rv 4,1-8 w=4,1mm t=8mm u=7mm open Area 23,8% n= 17970/m²244 Rv 4,1-8.pdf
R g4.18.7517.2712Rg 4,1-8,75 w=4,1mm t=8,75mm open Area 17,2% n= 13060/m²712 Rg 4,1-8,75.pdf
R v4.18.7519.91009Rv 4,1-8,75 w=4,1mm t=8,75mm u=7,5mm open Area 19,9% n= 15020/m²1009 Rv 4,1-8,75.pdf
R d4.18.8316.925.1
R g4.11013.2246Rg 4,1-10 w=4,1mm t=10mm open Area 13,2% n= 10000/m²246 Rg 4,1-10.pdf
R v4.11015.2247Rv 4,1-10 w=4,1mm t=10mm u=8,75mm open Area 15,2% n= 11500/m²247 Rv 4,1-10.pdf
R g4.110.512219Rg 4,1-10,5 w=4,1mm t=10,5mm open Area 12% n= 9070/m²219 Rg 4,1-10,5.pdf
R v4.110.513.81011Rv 4,1-10,5 w=4,1mm t=10,5mm u=9mm open Area 13,8% n= 10430/m²1011 Rv 4,1-10,5.pdf
R g4.112.28.9724742 Rg 4,5-30.pdf
R v4.112.210.21018Rv 4,1-12,2 w=4,1mm t=12,2mm u=10,5mm open Area 10,2% n= 7730/m²1018 Rv 4,1-12,2.pdf
R g4.112.58.4869
R g4.512.510.2261
R g4.5157.1253Rg 4,5-15 w=4,5mm t=15mm open Area 7,1% n= 4440/m²253 Rg 4,5-15.pdf
R g4.5252.5260Rg 4,5-25 w=4,5mm t=25mm open Area 2,5% n= 1600/m²260 Rg 4,5-25.pdf
R g4.5301.8742Rg 4,5-30 w=4,5mm t=30mm open Area 1,8% n= 1110/m²
R v5.1748.1263Rv 5,1-7 w=5,1mm t=7mm u=6,1mm open Area 48,1% n= 23470/m²263 Rv 5,1-7.pdf
R v5.1836.9270Rv 5,1-8 w=5,1mm t=8mm u=7mm open Area 36,9% n= 17970/m²270 Rv 5,1-8.pdf
R v5.11023.6284Rv 5,1-10 w=5,1mm t=10mm u=8,75mm open Area 23,6% n= 11500/m²284 Rv 5,1-10.pdf
R g5.11020.4286Rg 5,1-10 w=5,1mm t=10mm open Area 20,4% n= 10000/m²286 Rg 5,1-10
R g5.11214.2288
R g5.112.213.7750
R g5.11410.4757Rg 5,1-14 w=5,1mm t=14mm open Area 10,4% n= 5100/m²757 Rg 5,1-14.pdf
R v5.114121035Rv 5,1-14 w=5,1mm t=14mm u=12mm open Area 12% n= 5870/m²1035 Rv 5,1-14.pdf
R g5.1159.1290Rg 5,1-15 w=5,1mm t=15mm open Area 9,1% n= 4440/m²290 Rg 5,1-15.pdf
R d5.210.2520.2295
R g5.5778
R v5.59.530.4296Rv 5,5-9,5 w=5,5mm t=9,5mm u=0mm open Area 30,4% n= 12740/m²296 Rv 5,5-9,5.pdf
R g6757.71089
R v6851302Rv 6-8 w=6mm t=8mm u=7mm open Area 51% n= 17970/m²302 Rv 6-8.pdf
R v6940.3307Rv 6-9 w=6mm t=9mm u=7,8mm open Area 40,3% n= 14200/m²307 Rv 6-9.pdf
R v69.536.2315Rv 6-9,5 w=6mm t=9,5mm u=0mm open Area 36,2% n= 12740/m²315 Rv 6-9,5.pdf
R g61028.3317Rg 6-10 w=6mm t=10mm open Area 28,3% n= 10000/m²317 Rg 6-10.pdf
R v61222.7318Rv 6-12 w=6mm t=12mm u=10,5mm open Area 22,7% n= 7990/m²318 Rv 6-12.pdf
R g61414.4781Rg 6-14 w=6mm t=14mm open Area 14,4% n= 5100/m²781 Rg 6-14.pdf
R v61416.71042Rv 6-14 w=6mm t=14mm u=12mm open Area 16,7% n= 5870/m²1042 Rv 6-14.pdf
R g615.611.6786Rg 6-15,6 w=6mm t=15,6mm open Area 11,6% n= 4110/m²786 Rg 6-15,6.pdf
R v615.613.41044Rv 6-15,6 w=6mm t=15,6mm u=13,5mm open Area 13,4% n= 4730/m²1044 Rv 6-15,6.pdf
R g6207.1796Rg 6-20 w=6mm t=20mm open Area 7,1% n= 2500/m²796 Rg 6-20.pdf
R g6.5940.9321
R g6.512.521.2320
R g6.51810.2800Rg 6,5-18 w=6,5mm t=18mm open Area 10,2% n= 3090/m²800 Rg 6,5-18.pdf
R g6.5255.3799Rg 6,5-25 w=6,5mm t=25mm open Area 5,3% n= 1600/m²799 Rg 6,5-25.pdf
R g6.5303.7322Rg 6,5-30 w=6,5mm t=30mm open Area 3,7% n= 1110/m²322 Rg 6,5-30.pdf
R v71230.9324Rv 7-12 w=7mm t=12mm u=10,5mm open Area 30,9% n= 7990/m²324 Rv 7-12.pdf
R g7218.7802Rg 7-21 w=7mm t=21mm open Area 8,7% n= 2270/m²802 Rg 7-21.pdf
R v72110.11054Rv 7-21 w=7mm t=21mm u=18mm open Area 10,1% n= 2610/m²1054 Rv 7-21.pdf
R v81058326Rv 8-10 w=8mm t=10mm u=8,75mm open Area 58% n= 11500/m²326 Rv 8-10.pdf
R g81050.2330Rg 8-10 w=8mm t=10mm open Area 50,2% n= 10000/m²
R v81240.3331Rv 8-12 w=8mm t=12mm u=10,5mm open Area 40,3% n= 7990/m²331 Rv 8-12.pdf
R g81522.3338Rg 8-15 w=8mm t=15mm open Area 22,3% n= 4440/m²338 Rg 8-15.pdf
R g817.516.4803Rg 8-17,5 w=8mm t=17,5mm open Area 16,4% n= 3270/m²803 Rg 8-17,5.pdf
R v817.5191055Rv 8-17,5 w=8mm t=17,5mm u=15mm open Area 19% n= 3760/m²1055 Rv 8-17,5.pdf
R g82012.6807Rg 8-20 w=8mm t=20mm open Area 12,6% n= 2500/m²807 Rg 8-20.pdf
R g82111.4808Rg 8-21 w=8mm t=21mm open Area 11,4% n= 2270/m²808 Rg 8-21.pdf
R v82113.21058Rv 8-21 w=8mm t=21mm u=18mm open Area 13,2% n= 2610/m²1058 Rv 8-21.pdf
R g8305.6815Rg 8-30 w=8mm t=30mm open Area 5,6% n= 1110/m²815 Rg 8-30.pdf
R v101353.7340Rv 10-13 w=10mm t=13mm u=11,375mm open Area 53,7% n= 6800/m²340 Rv 10-13.pdf
R v101446.3345Rv 10-14 w=10mm t=14mm u=12,25mm open Area 46,3% n= 5870/m²345 Rv 10-14.pdf
R v101540.3343Rv 10-15 w=10mm t=15mm u=13mm open Area 40,3% n= 5110/m²343 Rv 10-15.pdf
R g101534.9352Rg 10-15 w=10mm t=15mm open Area 34,9% n= 4440/m²352 Rg 10-15.pdf
R g10227515.2817Rg 10-22,75 w=10mm t=22,75mm open Area 15,2% n= 1930/m²817 Rg 10-22,75.pdf
R v1022.7517.51060Rv 10-22,75 w=10mm t=22,75mm u=19,5mm open Area 17,5% n= 2220/m²1060 Rv 10-22,75.pdf
R g1024.513.1821Rg 10-24,5 w=10mm t=24,5mm open Area 13,1% n= 1670/m²821 Rg 10-24,5.pdf
R v1024.515.11062Rv 10-24,5 w=10mm t=24,5mm u=21mm open Area 15,1% n= 1920/m²1062 Rv 10-24,5.pdf
R g102611.6819Rg 10-26 w=10mm t=26mm open Area 11,6% n= 1480/m²819 Rg 10-26.pdf
R g10308.7828Rg 10-30 w=10mm t=30mm open Area 8,7% n= 1110/m²828 Rg 10-30.pdf
R v121651354Rv 12-16 w=12mm t=16mm u=14mm open Area 51% n= 4490/m²354 Rv 12-16.pdf
R g122518.1356Rg 12-25 w=12mm t=25mm open Area 18,1% n= 1600/m²356 Rg 12-25.pdf
R g122814.4830Rg 12-28 w=12mm t=28mm open Area 14,4% n= 1280/m²830 Rg 12-28.pdf
R g12504.5831
R v152242.2358Rv 15-22 w=15mm t=22mm u=19,25mm open Area 42,2% n= 2380/m²358 Rv 15-22.pdf
R g152528.3359Rg 15-25 w=15mm t=25mm open Area 28,3% n= 1600/m²359 Rg 15-25.pdf
R g15507.1832
R v182547362
R g182540.73343Rg 18-25 w=18mm t=25mm open Area 40,7% n= 1600/m²3343 Rg 18-25.pdf
R v1825473345Rv 18-25 w=18mm t=25mm u=21,65mm open Area 47 % n= 1840/m²3345 Rv 18-25.pdf
R g185010.23344Rg 18-50 w=18mm t=50mm open Area 10,2% n= 400/m²3343 Rg 18-50.pdf
R v202463363Rv 20-24 w=20mm t=24mm u=21mm open Area 63% n= 2000/m²363 Rv 20-24.pdf
R v202558364Rv 20-25 w=20mm t=25mm u=21,875mm open Area 58% n= 1840/m²364 Rv 20-25.pdf
R v202749.8365Rv 20-27 w=20mm t=27mm u=23,5mm open Area 49,8% n= 1580/m²365 Rv 20-27.pdf
R g204217.83342Rg 20-42 w=20mm t=42mm open Area 17,8% n= 570/m²3342 Rg 20-42.pdf
R g2043.316.73341Rg 20-43,3 w=20mm t=43,3mm open Area 16,7% n= 530/m²3341 Rg 20-43,3.pdf
R g204714.23340Rg 20-47 w=20mm t=47mm open Area 14,2% n= 450/m²3340 Rg 20-47.pdf
R v252777.84864Rv 25-27 w=25mm t=27mm u=23,5mm open Area 77,8% n= 1580/m²4864 Rv 25-27.pdf
R v303856.54865Rv 30-38 w=30mm t=38mm u=33,3mm open Area 56,5% n= 800/m²4865 Rv 30-38.pdf
R g304534.9366Rg 30-45 w=30mm t=45mm open Area 34,9% n= 490/m²366 Rg 30-45.pdf
R v3240584866Rv 32-40 w=32mm t=40mm u=35mm open Area 58% n= 720/m²4866 Rv 32-40.pdf
R v334061.74867Rv 33-40 w=33mm t=40mm u=35mm open Area 61,7% n= 720/m²4867 Rv 33-40.pdf
R v354069.44868Rv 35-40 w=35mm t=40mm u=35mm open Area 69,4% n= 720/m²4868 Rv 35-40.pdf
R v404571.74869Rv 40-45 w=40mm t=45mm u=39,4mm open Area 71,7% n= 570/m²4869 Rv 40-45.pdf
R v4050584870Rv 40-50 w=40mm t=50mm u=43,8mm open Area 58% n= 460/m²4870 Rv 40-50.pdf
R v455073.54871Rv 45-50 w=45mm t=50mm u=43,8mm open Area 73,5% n= 460/m²4871 Rv 45-50.pdf
R v5060634872Rv 50-60 w=50mm t=60mm u=50,75mm open Area 63% n= 320/m²4872 Rv 50-60.pdf

Square hole

PerforationWidthSplit1Ao (in %)No.DescriptionPDF-File
Q g5746.3372Qg 5-7 w=5mm t=7mm open Area 46,3% n= 20410/m²372 Qg 5-7.pdf
Q g5835.4376Qg 5-8 w=5mm t=8mm open Area 35,4% n= 15630/m²376 Qg 5-8.pdf
Q g5169.840658Qg 5 - 16 w= 5 t= 16 Ao= 9,8% n= 3906/m²40658 Qg 5 - 16.pdf
Q g5322.440670Qg 5 - 32 w= 5 t= 32 Ao= 2,4% n= 977/m²40670 Qg 5 - 32.pdf
Q g6851385Qg 6-8 w=6mm t=8mm open Area 51% n= 15630/m²385 Qg 6-8.pdf
Q g6940.3388Qg 6-9 w=6mm t=9mm open Area 40,3% n= 12350/m²388 Qg 6-9.pdf
Q g81058392Qg 8-10 w=8mm t=10mm open Area 58% n= 10000/m²392 Qg 8-10.pdf
Q g81148397Qg 8-11 w=8mm t=11mm open Area 48% n= 8260/m²397 Qg 8-11.pdf
Q g81240.3399Qg 8-12 w=8mm t=12mm open Area 40,3% n= 6940/m²399 Qg 8-12.pdf
Q g81429.6401Qg 8-14 w=8mm t=14mm open Area 29,6% n= 5100/m²401 Qg 8-14.pdf
Q g8201640586Qg 8 - 20 w= 8 t= 20 Ao= 16% n= 2500/m²40586 Qg 8 - 20.pdf
Q g82411.140634Qg 8 - 24 w= 8 t= 24 Ao= 11,1% n= 1736/m²40634 Qg 8 - 24.pdf
Q g840440598Qg 8 - 40 w= 8 t= 40 Ao= 4% n= 625/m²40598 Qg 8 - 40.pdf
Q g8482.840646Qg 8 - 48 w= 8 t= 48 Ao= 2,8% n= 434/m²40646 Qg 8 - 48.pdf
Q g101263402Qg 10-12 w=10mm t=12mm open Area 63% n= 6940/m²402 Qg 10-12.pdf
Q g101446.3407Qg 10-14 w=10mm t=14mm open Area 46,3% n= 5100/m²407 Qg 10-14.pdf
Q g101540.3409Qg 10-15 w=10mm t=15mm open Area 40,3% n= 4440/m²409 Qg 10-15.pdf
Q g102417.440610Qg 10 - 24 w= 10 t= 24 Ao= 17,4% n= 1736/m²40610 Qg 10 - 24.pdf
Q g103011.140550Qg 10 - 30 w= 10 t= 30 Ao= 11,1% n= 1111/m²40550 Qg 10 - 30.pdf
Q g10454.940562Qg 10 - 45 w= 10 t= 45 Ao= 4,9% n= 494/m²
Q g10484.340622Qg 10 - 48 w= 10 t= 48 Ao= 4,3% n= 434/m²40622 Qg 10 - 48.pdf
Q g10602.840574Qg 10 - 60 w= 10 t= 60 Ao= 2,8% n= 278/m²40574 Qg 10 - 60.pdf
Q g121651417Qg 12-16 w=12mm t=16mm open Area 51% n= 3910/m²417 Qg 12-16.pdf
Q g152051419Qg 15-20 w=15mm t=20mm open Area 51% n= 2500/m²419 Qg 15-20.pdf
Q g15253640454Qg 15 - 25 w= 15 t= 25 Ao= 36% n= 1600/m²40454 Qg 15 - 25.pdf
Q g15302540466Qg 15 - 30 w= 15 t= 30 Ao= 25% n= 1111/m²40466 Qg 15 - 30.pdf
Q g154014.140418Qg 15 - 40 w= 15 t= 40 Ao= 14,1% n= 625/m²40418 Qg 15 - 40.pdf
Q g1550940442Qg 15 - 50 w= 15 t= 50 Ao= 9% n= 400/m²40442 Qg 15 - 50.pdf
Q g15606.340430Qg 15 - 60 w= 15 t= 60 Ao= 6,3% n= 278/m²40430 Qg 15 - 60.pdf
Q g16187940514Qg 16 - 18 w= 16 t= 18 Ao= 79% n= 3086/m²40514 Qg 16 - 18.pdf
Q g162348.440526Qg 16 - 23 w= 16 t= 23 Ao= 48,4% n= 1890/m²40538 Qg 16 - 28.pdf
Q g162832.740538Qg 16 - 28 w= 16 t= 28 Ao= 32,7% n= 1276/m²40538 Qg 16 - 28.pdf
Q g18208140478Qg 18 - 20 w= 18 t= 20 Ao= 81% n= 2500/m²40478 Qg 18 - 20.pdf
Q g182551.840490Qg 18 - 25 w= 18 t= 25 Ao= 51,8% n= 1600/m²40490 Qg 18 - 25.pdf
Q g18303640502Qg 18 - 30 w= 18 t= 30 Ao= 36% n= 1111/m²40502 Qg 18 - 30.pdf
Q g20256440010Qg 20 - 25 w= 20 t= 25 Ao= 64% n= 1600/m²40010 Qg 20 - 25.pdf
Q g203044.440022Qg 20 - 30 w= 20 t= 30 Ao= 44,4% n= 1111/m²40022 Qg 20 - 30.pdf
Q g203532.740034Qg 20 - 35 w= 20 t= 35 Ao= 32,7% n= 816/m²40034 Qg 20 - 35.pdf
Q g20402540046Qg 20 - 40 w= 20 t= 40 Ao= 25% n= 625/m²40046 Qg 20 - 40.pdf
Q g204519.840058Qg 20 - 45 w= 20 t= 45 Ao= 19,8% n= 494/m²40058 Qg 20 - 45.pdf
Q g253069.440070Qg 25 - 30 w= 25 t= 30 Ao= 69,4% n= 1111/m²40070 Qg 25 - 30.pdf
Q g25355140082Qg 25 - 35 w= 25 t= 35 Ao= 51% n= 816/m²40082 Qg 25 - 35.pdf
Q g254039.140094Qg 25 - 40 w= 25 t= 40 Ao= 39,1% n= 625/m²40094 Qg 25 - 40.pdf
Q g254530.940106Qg 25 - 45 w= 25 t= 45 Ao= 30,9% n= 494/m²40106 Qg 25 - 45.pdf
Q g25502540118Qg 25 - 50 w= 25 t= 50 Ao= 25% n= 400/m²40118 Qg 25 - 50.pdf
Q g303573.540130Qg 30 - 35 w= 30 t= 35 Ao= 73,5% n= 816/m²40130 Qg 30 - 35.pdf
Q g304056.340142Qg 30 - 40 w= 30 t= 40 Ao= 56,3% n= 625/m²40142 Qg 30 - 40.pdf
Q g304544.440154Qg 30 - 45 w= 30 t= 45 Ao= 44,4% n= 494/m²40154 Qg 30 - 45.pdf
Q g30503640166Qg 30 - 50 w= 30 t= 50 Ao= 36% n= 400/m²40166 Qg 30 - 50.pdf
Q g305529.840178Qg 30 - 55 w= 30 t= 55 Ao= 29,8% n= 331/m²40178 Qg 30 - 55.pdf
Q g354076.640190Qg 35 - 40 w= 35 t= 40 Ao= 76,6% n= 625/m²40190 Qg 35 - 40.pdf
Q g354560.540202Qg 35 - 45 w= 35 t= 45 Ao= 60,5% n= 494/m²40202 Qg 35 - 45.pdf
Q g35504940214Qg 35 - 50 w= 35 t= 50 Ao= 49% n= 400/m²40214 Qg 35 - 50.pdf
Q g355540.540226Qg 35 - 55 w= 35 t= 55 Ao= 40,5% n= 331/m²40226 Qg 35 - 55.pdf
Q g35603440238Qg 35 - 60 w= 35 t= 60 Ao= 34% n= 278/m²40238 Qg 35 - 60.pdf
Q g40457940250Qg 40 - 45 w= 40 t= 45 Ao= 79% n= 494/m²40250 Qg 40 - 45.pdf
Q g40506440262Qg 40 - 50 w= 40 t= 50 Ao= 64% n= 400/m²40262 Qg 10 - 45.pdf
Q g405552.940274Qg 40 - 55 w= 40 t= 55 Ao= 52,9% n= 331/m²40274 Qg 40 - 55.pdf
Q g406044.440286Qg 40 - 60 w= 40 t= 60 Ao= 44,4% n= 278/m²40286 Qg 40 - 60.pdf
Q g406537.940298Qg 40 - 65 w= 40 t= 65 Ao= 37,9% n= 237/m²40298 Qg 40 - 65.pdf
Q g45508140310Qg 45 - 50 w= 45 t= 50 Ao= 81% n= 400/m²40310 Qg 45 - 50.pdf
Q g455566.940322Qg 45 - 55 w= 45 t= 55 Ao= 66,9% n= 331/m²40322 Qg 45 - 55.pdf
Q g456056.340334Qg 45 - 60 w= 45 t= 60 Ao= 56,3% n= 278/m²40334 Qg 45 - 60.pdf
Q g456547.940346Qg 45 - 65 w= 45 t= 65 Ao= 47,9% n= 237/m²40346 Qg 45 - 65.pdf
Q g457041.340358Qg 45 - 70 w= 45 t= 70 Ao= 41,3% n= 204/m²40358 Qg 45 - 70.pdf
Q g505582.640370Qg 50 - 55 w= 50 t= 55 Ao= 82,6% n= 331/m²40370 Qg 50 - 55.pdf
Q g506069.440382Qg 50 - 60 w= 50 t= 60 Ao= 69,4% n= 278/m²40382 Qg 50 - 60.pdf
Q g506559.240394Qg 50 - 65 w= 50 t= 65 Ao= 59,2% n= 237/m²40394 Qg 50 - 65.pdf
Q g50705140406Qg 50 - 70 w= 50 t= 70 Ao= 51% n= 204/m²40406 Qg 50 - 70.pdf

Elongated hole

PerforationWidthSplit1Ao (in %)No.DescriptionPDF-File
L v12.522.31031159Lv 1x3-2,5x5 w=1 l=3 t1=2,5 t2=5 Ao=22,3% n=80000/m²1031159 Lv 1x3 - 2,5x5.pdf
L v12.527.31013790Lv 1x5-2,5x7 w=1 l=5 t1=2,5 t2=7 Ao=27,3% n=57140/m²1013790 Lv 1x5 - 2,5x7.pdf
L v1327.51008166Lv 1x20-3x24 w=1 l=20 t1=3 t2=24 Ao=27,5% n=13890/m²1008166 Lv 1x20 - 3x24
L v13.521.51010895Lv 1x10-3,5x13 w=1 l=10 t1=3,5 t2=13 Ao=21,5% n=21980/m²1010895 Lv 1x10 - 3,5x13.pdf
L v13.5201017373Lv 1x10-3,5x14 w=1 l=10 t1=3,5 t2=14 Ao=20% n=20410/m²1017373 Lv 1x10 - 3,5x14.pdf
L v1417.51007822Lv 1x10-4x14 w=1 l=10 t1=4 t2=14 Ao=17,5% n=17860/m²1007822 Lv 1x10 - 4x14.pdf
L v1417.51018587Lv 1x10-4x14 w=1 l=10 t1=4 t2=14 Ao=17,5% n=17860/m²
L v1412.21038687Lv 1x10-4x20 w=1 l=10 t1=4 t2=20 Ao=12,2% n=12500/m²1038687 Lv 1x10 - 4x20.pdf
L v1420.61043098Lv 1x20-4x24 w=1 l=20 t1=4 t2=24 Ao=20,6% n=10420/m²1043098 Lv 1x20 - 4x24.pdf
L v1.26131033597Lv 1,2x10-6x15 w=1,2 l=10 t1=6 t2=15 Ao=13% n=11110/m²1033597 Lv 1,2x10 - 6x15.pdf
L v1.252753591033219Lv 1,25x20-2,75x25 w=1,25 l=20 t1=2,75 t2=25 Ao=35,9% n=14550/m²1033219 Lv 1,25x20 - 2,75x25.pdf
L v1.42.7545.61050711Lv 1,4x20-2,75x22 w=1,4 l=20 t1=2,75 t2=22 Ao=45,6% n=16530/m²1050711 Lv 1,4x20 - 2,75x22.pdf
L v1.5335.51011100Lv 1,5x6-3x8 w=1,5 l=6 t1=3 t2=8 Ao=35,5% n=41670/m²1011100 Lv 1,5x6 - 3x8.pdf
L v1.54.523.31008868Lv 1,5x8-4,5x11 w=1,5 l=8 t1=4,5 t2=11 Ao=23,3% n=20200/m²1008868 Lv 1,5x8 - 4,5x11.pdf
L v1.54.528.51003463Lv 1,5x20-4,5x23 w=1,5 l=20 t1=4,5 t2=23 Ao=28,5% n=9660/m²1003463 Lv 1,5x20 - 4,5x23.pdf
L v1.54.529.81034024Lv 1,5x20-4,5x22 w=1,5 l=20 t1=4,5 t2=22 Ao=29,8% n=10100/m²1034024 Lv 1,5x20 - 4,5x22.pdf
L v1.54.526.21034334Lv 1,5x20-4,5x25 w=1,5 l=20 t1=4,5 t2=25 Ao=26,2% n=8890/m²1034334 Lv 1,5x20 - 4,5x25.pdf
L v1.754.2533.71006172Lv 1,75x20-4,25x24 w=1,75 l=20 t1=4,25 t2=24 Ao=33,7% n=9800/m²1006172 Lv 1,75x20 - 4,25x24.pdf
L v1.754.528.91024056Lv 1,75x20-4,75x25 w=1,75 l=20 t1=4,75 t2=25 Ao=28,9% n=8420/m²1024056 Lv 1,75x20 - 4,75x25.pdf
L v1.755.2527.31002938Lv 1,75x20-5,25x24 w=1,75 l=20 t1=5,25 t2=24 Ao=27,3% n=7940/m²1002938 Lv 1,75x20 - 5,25x24.pdf
L v1.755.2526.21023756Lv 1,75x20-5,25x25 w=1,75 l=20 t1=5,25 t2=25 Ao=26,2% n=7620/m²1023756 Lv 1,75x20 - 5,25x25.pdf
L v1.84.5321041738Lv 1,8x20-4,5x24,5 w=1,8 l=20 t1=4,5 t2=24,5 Ao=32% n=9070/m²1041738 Lv 1,8x20 - 4,5x24,5.pdf
L v1.8528.21016112Lv 1,8x20-5x25 w=1,8 l=20 t1=5 t2=25 Ao=28,2% n=8000/m²1016112 Lv 1,8x20 - 5x25.pdf
L v1.8527.61031131Lv 1,8x20-5x25,6 w=1,8 l=20 t1=5 t2=25,6 Ao=27,6% n=7810/m²1031131 Lv 1,8x20 - 5x25,6.pdf
L v1.8529.41045242Lv 1,8x20-5x24 w=1,8 l=20 t1=5 t2=24 Ao=29,4% n=8330/m²1045242 Lv 1,8x20 - 5x24.pdf
L v1.81014.11037597Lv 1,8x20-10x25 w=1,8 l=20 t1=10 t2=25 Ao=14,1% n=4000/m²1037597 Lv 1,8x20 - 10x25.pdf
L v2439.11010898Lv 2x20-4x25 w=2 l=20 t1=4 t2=25 Ao=39,1% n=10000/m²1010898 Lv 2x20 - 4x25.pdf
L v2440.81037735Lv 2x20-4x24 w=2 l=20 t1=4 t2=24 Ao=40,8% n=10420/m²1037735 Lv 2x20 - 4x24.pdf
L v2523.31005484Lv 2x15-5x25 w=2 l=15 t1=5 t2=25 Ao=23,3% n=8000/m²1005484 Lv 2x15 - 5x25.pdf
L v2530.11003727Lv 2x20-5x26 w=2 l=20 t1=5 t2=26 Ao=30,1% n=7690/m²1003727 Lv 2x20 - 5x26
L v2532.61037687Lv 2x20-5x24 w=2 l=20 t1=5 t2=24 Ao=32,6% n=8330/m²1037687 Lv 2x20 - 5x24.pdf
L v25.528.51004341Lv 2x20-5,5x25 w=2 l=20 t1=5,5 t2=25 Ao=28,5% n=7270/m²1004341 Lv 2x20 - 5,5x25.pdf
L v25.530.91026243Lv 2x20-5,5x23 w=2 l=20 t1=5,5 t2=23 Ao=30,9% n=7910/m²1026243 Lv 2x20 - 5,5x23.pdf
L v25.527.41048727Lv 2x20-5,5x26 w=2 l=20 t1=5,5 t2=26 Ao=27,4% n=6990/m²1048727 Lv 2x20 - 5,5x26.pdf
L v2625.61037159Lv 2x20-6x25,5 w=2 l=20 t1=6 t2=25,5 Ao=25,6% n=6540/m²1037159 Lv 2x20 - 6x25,5.pdf
L v2626.11041637Lv 2x20-6x25 w=2 l=20 t1=6 t2=25 Ao=26,1% n=6670/m²1041637 Lv 2x20 - 6x25.pdf
L v210131048612Lv 2x20-10x30 w=2 l=20 t1=10 t2=30 Ao=13% n=3330/m²1048612 Lv 2x20 - 10x30.pdf
L v2118.91007084Lv 2x20-11x40 w=2 l=20 t1=11 t2=40 Ao=8,9% n=2270/m²1007084 Lv 2x20 - 11x40.pdf
L v21111.51032137Lv 2x20-11x31 w=2 l=20 t1=11 t2=31 Ao=11,5% n=2930/m²1032137 Lv 2x20 - 11x31.pdf
L v21210.51032149Lv 2x18-12x28 w=2 l=18 t1=12 t2=28 Ao=10,5% n=2980/m²1032149 Lv 2x18 - 12x28.pdf
L v2.54.534.81017928Lv 2,5x25-4,5x39 w=2,5 l=25 t1=4,5 t2=39 Ao=34,8% n=5700/m²1017928 Lv 2,5x25 - 4,5x39.pdf
L v2.55361020155Lv 2,5x20-5x27 w=2,5 l=20 t1=5 t2=27 Ao=36% n=7410/m²1020155 Lv 2,5x20 - 5x27.pdf
L v2.5540.51033836Lv 2,5x20-5x24 w=2,5 l=20 t1=5 t2=24 Ao=40,5% n=8330/m²1033836 Lv 2,5x20 - 5x241.pdf
L v2.5542.11008465Lv 2,5x30-5x35 w=2,5 l=30 t1=5 t2=35 Ao=42,1% n=5710/m²1008465 Lv 2,5x30 - 5x35.pdf
L v2.55.532.61039303Lv 2,5x12-5,5x16 w=2,5 l=12 t1=5,5 t2=16 Ao=32,6% n=11360/m²1039303 Lv 2,5x12 - 5,5x16.pdf
L v3635.91038725Lv 3x15-6x20 w=3 l=15 t1=6 t2=20 Ao=35,9% n=8330/m²1038725 Lv 3x15 - 6x20.pdf
L v3640.31004890Lv 3x20-6x24 w=3 l=20 t1=6 t2=24 Ao=40,3% n=6940/m²1004890 Lv 3x20 - 6x24.pdf
L v3640.81036985Lv 3x30-6x36 w=3 l=30 t1=6 t2=36 Ao=40,8% n=4630/m²1036985 Lv 3x30 - 6x36.pdf
L v3733.21004893Lv 3x20-7x25 w=3 l=20 t1=7 t2=25 Ao=33,2% n=5710/m²1004893 Lv 3x20 - 7x25.pdf
L v3830.61036131Lv 3x30-8x36 w=3 l=30 t1=8 t2=36 Ao=30,6% n=3470/m²1036131 Lv 3x30 - 8x36.pdf
L v3832.81009528Lv 3x40-8x45 w=3 l=40 t1=8 t2=45 Ao=32,8% n=2780/m²1009528 Lv 3x40 - 8x45.pdf
L v4743.71001133Lv 4x20-7x25 w=4 l=20 t1=7 t2=25 Ao=43,7% n=5710/m²1001133 Lv 4x20 - 7x25.pdf
L v4745.61011227Lv 4x20-7x24 w=4 l=20 t1=7 t2=24 Ao=45,6% n=5950/m²1011227 Lv 4x20 - 7x24.pdf
L v4747.61023944Lv 4x25-7x29 w=4 l=25 t1=7 t2=29 Ao=47,6% n=4930/m²1023944 Lv 4x25 - 7x29.pdf
L v4838.31033498Lv 4x20-8x25 w=4 l=20 t1=8 t2=25 Ao=38,3% n=5000/m²1033498 Lv 4x20 - 8x25.pdf
L v4839.91038176Lv 4x20-8x24 w=4 l=20 t1=8 t2=24 Ao=39,9% n=5210/m²1038176 Lv 4x20 - 8x24.pdf
L v4836.41047804Lv 4x30-8x40 w=4 l=30 t1=8 t2=40 Ao=36,4% n=3130/m²1047804 Lv 4x30 - 8x40.pdf
L v4935.81044122Lv 4x25-9x30 w=4 l=25 t1=9 t2=30 Ao=35,8% n=3700/m²1044122 Lv 4x25 - 9x30.pdf
L v41027.31048924Lv 4x20-10x28 w=4 l=20 t1=10 t2=28 Ao=27,3% n=3570/m²1048924 Lv 4x20 - 10x28.pdf
L v41214.21013141Lv 4x20-12x45 w=4 l=20 t1=12 t2=45 Ao=14,2% n=1850/m²1013141 Lv 4x20 - 12x45.pdf
L v4.58.542.41021497Lv 4,5x25-8,5x30 w=4,5 l=25 t1=8,5 t2=30 Ao=42,4% n=3920/m²1021497 Lv 4,5x25 - 8,5x30.pdf
L v5849.81042286Lv 5x25-8x30 w=5 l=25 t1=8 t2=30 Ao=49,8% n=4170/m²1042286 Lv 5x25 - 8x30.pdf
L v5943.81001805Lv 5x20-9x24 w=5 l=20 t1=9 t2=24 Ao=43,8% n=4630/m²1001805 Lv 5x20 - 9x24
L v5940.41012728Lv 5x20-9x26 w=5 l=20 t1=9 t2=26 Ao=40,4% n=4270/m²1012728 Lv 5x20 - 9x26.pdf
L v5942.11020916Lv 5x20-9x25 w=5 l=20 t1=9 t2=25 Ao=42,1% n=4440/m²1020916 Lv 5x20 - 9x25.pdf
L v5942.91009768Lv 5x25-9x31 w=5 l=25 t1=9 t2=31 Ao=42,9% n=3580/m²1009768 Lv 5x25 - 9x31.pdf
L v51037.91004894Lv 5x20-10x25 w=5 l=20 t1=10 t2=25 Ao=37,9% n=4000/m²1004894 Lv 5x20 - 10x25.pdf
L v51036.41024303Lv 5x20-10x26 w=5 l=20 t1=10 t2=26 Ao=36,4% n=3850/m²1024303 Lv 5x20 - 10x26.pdf
L v51039.91001134Lv 5x25-10x30 w=5 l=25 t1=10 t2=30 Ao=39,9% n=3330/m²1001134 Lv 5x25 - 10x30.pdf
L v51036.31027807Lv 5x25-10x33 w=5 l=25 t1=10 t2=33 Ao=36,3% n=3030/m²1027807 Lv 5x25 - 10x33.pdf
L v51040.21036133Lv 5x30-10x36 w=5 l=30 t1=10 t2=36 Ao=40,2% n=2780/m²1036133 Lv 5x30 - 10x36.pdf
L v6956.51010557Lv 6x25-9x28 w=6 l=25 t1=9 t2=28 Ao=56,5% n=3970/m²1010557 Lv 6x25 - 9x28.pdf
L v61047.41047400Lv 6x25-10x30 w=6 l=25 t1=10 t2=30 Ao=47,4% n=3330/m²1047400 Lv 6x25 - 10x30.pdf
L v61143.11052401Lv 6x25-11x30 w=6 l=25 t1=11 t2=30 Ao=43,1% n=3030/m²1052401 Lv 6x25 - 11x30.pdf
L v61141.21014307Lv 6x30-11x38 w=6 l=30 t1=11 t2=38 Ao=41,2% n=2390/m²1014307 Lv 6x30 - 11x38.pdf
L v61238.21033520Lv 6x25-12x31 w=6 l=25 t1=12 t2=31 Ao=38,2% n=2690/m²1033520 Lv 6x25 - 12x31.pdf
L v61528.71030472Lv 6x30-15x40 w=6 l=30 t1=15 t2=40 Ao=28,7% n=1670/m²1030472 Lv 6x30 - 15x40.pdf
L v61530.21043078Lv 6x30-15x38 w=6 l=30 t1=15 t2=38 Ao=30,2% n=1750/m²1043078 Lv 6x30 - 15x38.pdf
L v62113.71001514Lv 6x30-21x60 w=6 l=30 t1=21 t2=60 Ao=13,7% n=790/m²1001514 Lv 6x30 - 21x60.pdf
L v6305.41036423Lv 6x12-30x40 w=6 l=12 t1=30 t2=40 Ao=5,4% n=830/m²1036423 Lv 6x12 - 30x40.pdf
L v71243.21041517Lv 7x20-12x25 w=7 l=20 t1=12 t2=25 Ao=43,2% n=3330/m²1041517 Lv 7x20 - 12x25.pdf
L v71341.51033141Lv 7x40-13x50 w=7 l=40 t1=13 t2=50 Ao=41,5% n=1540/m²1033141 Lv 7x40 - 13x50.pdf
L v71529,51033045Lv 7x35-15x53 w=7 l=35 t1=15 t2=53 Ao=29,5% n=1260/m²1033045 Lv 7x35 - 15x53.pdf
L v81246.91032825Lv 8x20-12x26 w=8 l=20 t1=12 t2=26 Ao=46,9% n=3210/m²1032825 Lv 8x20 - 12x26.pdf
L v81256.51033774Lv 8x50-12x57 w=8 l=50 t1=12 t2=57 Ao=56,5% n=1460/m²1033774 Lv 8x50 - 12x57.pdf
L v81539.71043550Lv 8x30-15x38 w=8 l=30 t1=15 t2=38 Ao=39,7% n=1750/m²1043550 Lv 8x30 - 15x38.pdf
L v81547.71033777Lv 8x50-15x54 w=8 l=50 t1=15 t2=54 Ao=47,7% n=1230/m²1033777 Lv 8x50 - 15x54.pdf
L v815461033858Lv 8x50-15x56 w=8 l=50 t1=15 t2=56 Ao=46% n=1190/m²1033858 Lv 8x50 - 15x56.pdf
L v81630.51016735Lv 8x20-16x30 w=8 l=20 t1=16 t2=30 Ao=30,5% n=2080/m²1016735 Lv 8x20 - 16x30.pdf
L v81638.31032987Lv 8x40-16x50 w=8 l=40 t1=16 t2=50 Ao=38,3% n=1250/m²1032987 Lv 8x40 - 16x50.pdf
L v101456.81009215Lv 10x30-14x35 w=10 l=30 t1=14 t2=35 Ao=56,8% n=2040/m²1009215 Lv 10x30 - 14x35.pdf
L v1015531052403Lv 10x30-15x35 w=10 l=30 t1=15 t2=35 Ao=53% n=1900/m²1052403 Lv 10x30 - 15x35.pdf
L v101556.11003611Lv 10x40-15x45 w=10 l=40 t1=15 t2=45 Ao=56,1% n=1480/m²1003611 Lv 10x40 - 15x45.pdf
L v101649.71028673Lv 10x30-16x35 w=10 l=30 t1=16 t2=35 Ao=49,7% n=1790/m²1028673 Lv 10x30 - 16x35.pdf
L v101646.61012819Lv 10x32-16x40 w=10 l=32 t1=16 t2=40 Ao=46,6% n=1560/m²1012819 Lv 10x32 - 16x40
L v101738.91016538Lv 10x20-17x27 w=10 l=20 t1=17 t2=27 Ao=38,9% n=2180/m²1016538 Lv 10x20 - 17x27.pdf
L v101840.71036134Lv 10x30-18x38 w=10 l=30 t1=18 t2=38 Ao=40,7% n=1460/m²1036134 Lv 10x30 - 18x38.pdf
L v101839.71036868Lv 10x30-18x39 w=10 l=30 t1=18 t2=39 Ao=39,7% n=1420/m²1036868 Lv 10x30 - 18x36.pdf
L v1018431036868Lv 10x30-18x36 w=10 l=30 t1=18 t2=36 Ao=43% n=1540/m²1036868 Lv 10x30 - 18x39.pdf
L v1018.539.51041229Lv 10x35-18,5x45 w=10 l=35 t1=18,5 t2=45 Ao=39,5% n=1200/m²1041229 Lv 10x35 - 18,5x45.pdf
L v102032.61031793Lv 10x25-20x35 w=10 l=25 t1=20 t2=35 Ao=32,6% n=1430/m²1031793 Lv 10x25 - 20x35.pdf
L v102037.91014898Lv 10x40-20x50 w=10 l=40 t1=20 t2=50 Ao=37,9% n=1000/m²1014898 Lv 10x40 - 20x50.pdf
L v1020381038114Lv 10x50-20x63 w=10 l=50 t1=20 t2=63 Ao=38% n=790/m²1038114 Lv 10x50 - 20x63.pdf
L v152444.11036138Lv 15x35-24x45 w=15 l=35 t1=24 t2=45 Ao=44,1% n=930/m²1036138 Lv 15x35 - 24x45.pdf
L v152546.81025412Lv 15x50-25x60 w=15 l=50 t1=25 t2=60 Ao=46,8% n=670/m²1025412 Lv 15x50 - 25x60.pdf
L v182851.51049911Lv 18x60-28x70 w=18 l=60 t1=28 t2=70 Ao=51,5% n=510/m²1049911 Lv 18x60 - 28x70.pdf
L v203050.81031149Lv 20x50-30x60 w=20 l=50 t1=30 t2=60 Ao=50,8% n=560/m²1031149 Lv 20x50 - 30x60.pdf.pdf
L v203247.31009874Lv 20x80-32x100 w=20 l=80 t1=32 t2=100 Ao=47,3% n=310/m²1009874 Lv 20x80 - 32x100.pdf
L v203444.31013862Lv 20x60-34x74 w=20 l=60 t1=34 t2=74 Ao=44,3% n=400/m²1013862 Lv 20x60 - 34x74.pdf
L v203540.21052556Lv 20x50-35x65 w=20 l=50 t1=35 t2=65 Ao=40,2% n=440/m²1052556 Lv 20x50 - 35x65.pdf
L v253553.11014356Lv 25x50-35x60 w=25 l=50 t1=35 t2=60 Ao=53,1% n=480/m²1014356 Lv 25x50 - 35x60.pdf
L v253548.81025113Lv 25x60-35x80 w=25 l=60 t1=35 t2=80 Ao=48,8% n=360/m²1025113 Lv 25x60 - 35x80.pdf

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