Possibilities of production

We realize every technically feasible perforation in almost all materials.

Our factory has a wide range of production equipment at its disposal, with which even unusual solutions can be efficiently implemented. In principle, it is possible for us to incorporate almost any technically feasible perforation into virtually any material. Also the punching of so-called border perforations, i.e. hole diameter = plate thickness also in stainless steel, is not impossible for us.

We manufacture standard and custom-made products on CNC/NC controlled presses. The machine park includes CNC/NC-controlled machines such as:

  • 5 wide presses and 8 strip presses and automatic punch nibbling machines
  • 2 x 6 m lasers as well as special plastic processing machines with up to 300 tons pressure force punching, embossing, punching up to 2000 mm wide and 30 mm thick materials.
  • 3 straightening machines ensure perfect flatness after punching.

The possibility of further processing is ensured by plate shears, press brakes, swivel bending machines, eccentric presses, bending rolls and many other machines.

Own tool construction

– designs, creates and maintains the necessary tools and devices. He has all the necessary machines at his disposal, e.g:

  • Eroding facility
  • Grinding machines
  • Turning machines
  • Drilling machines
  • Milling machines

These are used for the production and maintenance of our tools up to 2000 mm long and thus ensure a high degree of flexibility – especially for individual and complex requirements.

Our means of production

The production equipment available in our factory defines our possibilities in the production of a wide variety of perforated sheet solutions. The most important are:



Strip feed presses

Sheet thickness

  • up to 30 mm in steel
  • up to 20 mm in stainless steel
  • up to 30 mm in non-ferrous metals

Maximum sheet size: 2250x7000mm

Large-format presses

Sheet thickness

  • up to 4 mm in steel
  • up to 3 mm in stainless steel
  • up to 4 mm in non-ferrous metals

Sheet width up to 1500 mm (mainly from a coil)

Eccentric presses/hydraulic presses

Eccentric presses: up to 400t

Hydraulic presses: up to 400t


Automatic cutting presses/ nibblers/laser machines

Sheet thickness

  • up to 8 mm in steel
  • up to 6 mm in stainless steel
  • up to 8 mm in non-ferrous metals


Maximum sheet size: 1500 mm x 3300 mm

Mere laser processing centre

  •  bis 25 mm in Stahl
  •  bis 25 mm in Edelstahl
  •  bis 16 mm in NE Metalle

 Maximum sheet size: 2000 mm x 6000 mm


Sheet thickness

  • 0.4 mm – 30 mm

Sheet width

  • up to 2500 mm

Plate shears

Sheet thickness

  • up to 20 mm in steel
  • up to 15 mm in stainless steel

Cutting length

  • up to 6000 mm

Bending rollers

Sheet thickness

  • up to 15 mm


  • to max. 3 metres in width

Trimming presses

Sheet thickness

  • up to 15 mm in steel
  • up to 10 mm in stainless steel

Length of trim

  • up to 4500 mm


  • on water basis
  • Parts size up to max. 600x600mm
  • Thickness up to 10 mm

We'll do it!

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